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 I spent a few hours trying to figure out why the spaceship project would not work for me and then I finally figured out that for some reason it was reading the line numbers as attempted inputs.
 I stripped out all the line numbers and the program worked.
 Is this normal or is there some trick to using line numbers in your program?
 Thanks for your help. I am 75 and retired from a life in electronics. The new terms and programming are new to me.
 Thanks again for your help.


It's been a long time since I've used a language that expected you to type line numbers in. :) These days it's just a display feature of the editor. You can turn on line number display by going to File->Preferences and checking the option "Display line numbers". At least that is the case for the Linux version I'm using. I assume that other versions would be the same, but even if it's not exactly the same, there will be an option somewhere in the editor preferences.


 I retired from working in electronics over 10 years ago. Working with any computer programs willl go back maybe 20 years or so when I took a course in Basic.
 I am 75 now and retired with a son who is 11. Going through my second childhood. Guess my posts on here show it.
 We taught current flow when we taught electronics and now I notice they are teaching Voltage theory. It is just the opposite. Instead of current flowing negative to positive they are teaching voltage applied from positive to negative. It still works either way.
 Thanks again.

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