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Today is my first day with Arduino and have a question: is the Arduino compatible with Windows 8?


hola me sale este error al compilar
collect2.exe: fatal error: cannot find 'ld


I have not personally used an Arduino with Windows 8 but I don't think you should have any problems.
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Hi metalworker

I have had problems with Win 8 and look forward to your experience.
What kind of computer do you have, and do you start with the Uno board ?


Hello Semi,

I have a HP laptop and have the official Arduino starter kit. After my errands today will for the first time attempt to download the software.


Hello Again Semi,

Success! No issues at all downloading & installing the software. Double-checked my work by performing two basic projects: blinking LED & LED fading.
How is your projects coming?


Hi metalworker,

I have not been able to communicate with my Uno R3 board and therefore don't have a project.
You say you had no problem at all and that you have an HP laptop. So do I.
I assume you have Windows 8 because that was your initial question. In my case Windows rejects the arduino driver which means I am stuck.
What is the model of your HP ?


Yes Sure.. It compatible. And way faster installation comparing to W7. You don't even need to go to device manager to update port COM.

But one good point. Use port COM3 or any other. COM4 gives a headache as on W7 and on W8.1 and same W8.

Best Regards!


I have a HP Envy laptop that I bought at Sam's Warehouse almost 2 years ago.


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Metalworker and Evg_Shl,

Since both you had no problem with windows 8 please have a look at my " Driver problem Code 10 " Jun 01, and see if you can tell me why my installation fails !

Thank you


Hello Semi,

I'm a rookie and this weekend was the first time I tried Arduino. I'm as a "beginner" as you can get but before I installed the Arduino software I read several articles & watched many videos concerning the installation.
Do you have the storage capability to download the program?


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Hi again,
I have a new HP250 G3 running windows 8.1 and plenty of storage capacity (very few programs except windows in the machine ). The reason I asked you and Evg_Shl to have a look at my problem is because very few seem to be using windows 8, and the Arduino engineers don't seem to have any Win 8 experience (!?).
I am beginning to believe my problem has something to do with my PC model.
I have no problem with other tools like The Microchip IDE or Keil uVision, but The Arduino IDE refuses to cooperate.



I to am having trouble with Arduino not loading on my Win. 8.1. Any ideas would be great.

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