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Topic: Can microchip I/O expanders provide 20mA at VCC = 2.5V ? (Read 745 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi, I'm currently working on a ccircuit design.
Is there any I/O expander(more than or equal to 8 bits) which can provide 20mA @ 2.5V VCC?
If the vendor is microchip, that is much better as I can use the arduino library.
If there are I/O expanders which can fulfil above requirement other than from microchip, please mention them too...


Are you lighting LEDs? Get a LED driver. The MAX6971 can drive up to 16 LEDs at up to 60mA each and it has a simple clock+latch serial control. I've even used one to drive a matrix keyboard for input instead of output. There are other devices in that same range which might be useful to you.
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