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Do newer versions of the ESP32 development boards negate the need to short two pins when installing your app from the Arduino editor? I found a board on Amazon (I won't link in case I get marked as SPAM) that says:

It supports automatically download, no need to manual switch between download and run mode.

Is there a particular version of the ESP32 reference board that supports this?

Also, is there anything to look out for when buying an ESP32? I know there are boards from different manufacturers; do they differ greatly in quality?



There are a large number of assembled boards out there that use an ESP32 device and very little standardization on how exactly they arrange for the sketch upload.

Some have a switch\button for upload some dont.
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There are Elegoo starter kits for the Uno R3 and the MEGA2560. Is one board preferable over the other? My understanding is that the Uno is better for a beginner.


I found that by using a powered USB hub to connect the ESP'32's, pressing the button was no longer required.
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Interesting, thanks. That's something I'd not read before - will look into it.


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