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I need to install the core required by the Arduino Due board on a computer with no internet connection. I've downloaded the tar.bz2 file on another machine and transferred it to the unconnected one but I cannot find guidance on how to point the Arduino IDE to it. Is this possible?


Ok I tried random things until something appeared to work. Haven't tested the device yet but the core is at least listed as installed. Here's what I did...

1) Download the core from http://downloads.arduino.cc/cores/sam-1.6.4.tar.bz2
2) Transfer to unconnected computer and extract
3) Copy folder named "1.6.4" into "Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino"
4) Rename folder to "sam"

It appears that the folder name must be specific since renaming it caused the software to not recognize it as installed. Not sure what the equivalent would be for other cores


Update: It turns out what I did only appeared to work. When actually trying to verify or upload code I get an error about a file that needs to be executed not being found. If it's possible at all I think it will be very difficult to get everything set up properly manually. If anyone has done this before I would really appreciate any guidance.


Still working on this and very stumped. Nothing seems to work. My last attempt was to download the standalone version of Arduino to a different computer that could be connected to the internet. I installed the DUE core on that machine and then copied the folder over to the disconnected machine but it didn't work. It does not appear installed in the boards manager and when I go into the board selector and try to scroll down I get array index out of bound errors.


Ok I think I figured out what the issue was *fingers crossed* There is an additional folder located in Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Arduino15

This folder seems to be where cores are stored when you install them so you need to move this folder over to the other computer/user profile when you move the program directory.

There may be a simpler way to accomplish all of this but for now I'm happy that this seems to work.


mjholtzem, FYI, upcoming 1.6.6 will automatically MOVE content of Roaming\Arduino15 to Local\Arduino15. If you going to prepare some documentation, be aware that you'll have to update it for 1.6.6.
Reason behind this folder move is a long standing bug


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