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Excusez moi pour mon français.
Je voudrais vous inviter à Turin le prochain week end.
Massimo Banzi va tenir un ws Avanzato de Arduino.

ici le menu  ;D ;D
You can find information at

If you decided to come at workshop, you'll receive
 * Infrared distance sensor
 * EEPROM memory 8 pin
 * Infrared receiver
 * LCD 16x2
 * Arduino protoshield
 * "presents" sensor ... (yes yes, i know: italians are imaginative)

We will speak about:
 * Using EEPROM with Arduino
 * Reading analogic sensor Sharp
 * Bus I2C: link arduino with sensors and memory
 * Using a remote controller with infrared and Arduino
 * LCD with Arduino.
 * Create a Firmata protocol
 * OSC and Arduino

Extraworkshop avec les Underworld (free) pour le torino traffic festival.

ciao ciao

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