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Hi all,
it's a while I try to get this TFT LCD working with my UNO R3.
please have a look at
A picture of my unit:

The library they mention is not downloadable there's only a printout of the file listing.
I tried many libraries, also forcing ID's for the unknown lcd controller... no result at all except the backlight (white screen) and nothing more. Also very few pins are identified and marked on the PCB, like RST; the others are SD related only.
My LCD has MFG back on Dec 20 2014; it is not the more recent (2015) product from same KeDei manufacturer - this last has a different, black color PCB.
Is there anybody that was able to successfully had this product working?

Any help greatly appreciated.


I have a more recent 2.4 display, it is red and dated 2015/01/20
In the eBay page there was tis link
and I found this page
When I ran the LCD_ID_Reader Version 1.2 I got 303 as described in the table.
I made the modification of the ild Adafruit library
since the new library work using SPI instead this shield use a parallel communication.

I made the modifications but I get the same result, only white backlight and a flickering at the initialisation of the library.
I also tried the modified library here
with no luck!

Maybe this can be useful to you.
Remember that the main difference is the different ID and the swapped control lines, this
Code: [Select]
#define LCD_CS A0
#define LCD_CD A1
#define LCD_WR A2
#define LCD_RD A3

instead of this
Code: [Select]

#define LCD_CS A3 // Chip Select goes to Analog 3
#define LCD_CD A2 // Command/Data goes to Analog 2
#define LCD_WR A1 // LCD Write goes to Analog 1
#define LCD_RD A0 // LCD Read goes to Analog 0

Good luck!


Same problem for the same display. Download TFTLCD library . See  link (below the 0x0303).


modifiy Adafruit_TFTLCD.cpp: else if ( id == 0x9341 )
                                      becomes: else if ((id == 0x9341 ) || (id == 0x0303))

modifiy example >>>>>  graficstest.ino  <<<<<<<< IT WORK !!!  :) <<<<<<<<<

#define LCD_CS A0
#define LCD_CD A1
#define LCD_WR A2
#define LCD_RD A3

                   else if  ( identifier == 0x9341 )
becomes: else if ((identifier == 0x9341 ) || (identifier == 0x0303))

For other examples not know. I use Arduino only one month, I have not experience.
I want to use the display for other things.
Where do I find the syntax of writing for this library?
Now I use u8glib to display 64x128.


You was lucky because for me these modification doesn't work!

The seller sent me a Datasheet for a ILI9325 controller so I tryed also this one with no luck.



my display is 2.8" TFT Display with uSD Card Module KeDei QQ:310953417


I found Kedei shop on Aliexpress, wrote to him.
He was very kind and mailed me the drivers. They works.

I attached them here.


I tried your driver but the examples are not compiled in my Arduino IDE 1.6.4. :(

See Error:
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ arduino-1.6.4 \ libraries \ LCDTFT \ font.cpp: In member function 'void Font :: set_txt (unsigned short int, unsigned short int, unsigned short int, unsigned short int, short unsigned int) ':
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ arduino-1.6.4 \ libraries \ LCDTFT \ font.cpp: 153: 20: warning: NULL used in arithmetic [-Wpointer-arith]
   if (txt_b_color! = NULL)

Ho provato i tuoi drivers ma l'Ide di Arduino non compila gli esempi e mi da questo errore.


Wich examples? I compiled with 1.6.5 IDE with the last Arduino core, 1.6.7 if I remember well.

Quali esempi? Io ho usato l'ultimo IDE con l'ultimo core Arduino.


Ok ho riprovato e funziona con la libreria che mi hai mandato!
Grazie. :)

Ok I tried again and it works with the library you sent me!


I have 2 displays from them, one for the Uno and one for the Mega. the examples they sent me all work perfectly for both using Arduino 1.0.6


Many thanks to all! Grazie a tutti!

I got this module working on UNO R3 with:

1) Downloading the library from ZOOMX (for BMP example, you need to add  #include <SPI.h>  to the example to compile it). uSD and Touch panel working fine.

2) the suggested http://misc.ws/2015/01/24/lcd-touch-screen-information with 0x0303 as controller ID. BTW: Thanks to the misc.ws moderator to have found the right controller driver for my chip ID under my request. Touch screen not yet working though, still trying on this


I found Kedei shop on Aliexpress, wrote to him.
He was very kind and mailed me the drivers. They works.

I attached them here.

The library works but you don't able to use with UNO R3 because the memory shortage. Please someone can you modify this library to MEGA or optimize it for lower memory usage? I try to show a picture and some text but it will use 127% of the memory. It's a large array with the font hex codes what eating up all the memory. Can someone help with this problem?


I need the library for mega the 2.8tft kedei taobao.



What does my LCD_ID_readreg.ino sketch show?
I do not recognise the controller from the ZIP file that you attached.   Mind you,   I can't read Chinese.

It looks very similar to the 2.4" and 2.8" mcufriend boards.   However,  the mcufriend boards use level-translator chips.   The Kedei display looks as if it just uses resistors.   The SD traces look as if it is 3.3V only.



I have to check.

There are other differences: A0-A3 lines are swapped.

In the code I believe that there is not written the name of the driver anywere. I was not able to recognise the driver using the initial setup, I didn't find any similar setup so I believe that is a custom code written over older Adafruit code. But I am not sure.
The hardware is different from other builders.

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