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I have found a better solution than the Blue Painters Tape for holding and removing printed objects from the "Z bed" At least IMH it is better so far for me. I have printed three (3) detailed chess pieces, (2) rooks, and one queen using this method.

The "Cling" wrap used for food covering in the home, makes an ideal surface for your printed pieces.

1. It is cheap
2. It last for many printings.
3. The adherence factor for the base is very good
4. It is very smooth wrinkle free and no seams for the nozzle to pucker up
5. It is easy to change
6. You do not have to use a knife or spatula or paint scraper fingers can pop it off.

you can see a picture of the wrap at http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3ACling%20Wrap

I get mine at "COSCOs" but it can be purchased for a few dollars/euros at any store just about

Another tip: Buy a couple of the small line "Bubble Spirit Levels" The kind that masons use on a line about 75 mm long. These will help you level your bed quickly and use from time to time as a checking tool to keep your bed level

A small pair of forceps would aid in grasping that little leftover extrusion without getting your hand burned on a cooling extruder.


Great tips!

The only thing that confused me was the part where you use a bubble level to level the bed. What happens if the machines is not perfectly level to begin with? You have got to level the bed against the nozzle not against the "objective" levelness of a bubble level.



The bubble level gets you in the ball park, not the final settings. The paper check is the final method to get the nozzle distance above the plate. I put the paper on the plate, set the machine to home, check the distance relative to the home and plate. level the plate, check the four corners and center, and adjust from there. Only have to adjust the corner screws a small amount to get the separation.


It may be the case that not all cling wrap performs the same. I used a piece of the brand that I have at home and I got a lot of warping at the corners.

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