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Hello all,

I'm working my way through the Arduino Starter Kit.  I find myself in the same situation, on project 10, as Pando in this post.  I've wired everything up and transcribed the code from the manual, but nothing happens.  Zip.  :smiley-sad:

It turns out Pando's problem was a borked H-bridge.  I'm wondering if I'm in the same situation.  Here is what I have done to debug the situation  so far.

First, I opened a serial connection in the code and printed out the value of all variables before and after all tests and assignment statements (with delay()'s after each Serial.print so I could read it all).  This showed me that the switches and the potentiometer were affecting the value of the variables as expected.

Second, I wired gpio pin 9 to an LED instead of pin 1 of the H-bridge. In the above mentioned post, kaning found that he wasn't getting signals from his output pin (he doesn't say why nor how he fixed it).  I wanted to test for that.  The LED lit up as expected in reponse to switch presses.  So I think I can conclude that the signal was also getting as far as the H-bridge.

Similarly, I tested the signal coming from gpio output pins 2 and 3 by connecting them to a couple of LEDs instead of pins 2 and 7 of the H-bridge.  Like above, the LEDs responded as expected to the direction switch being closed.

Oh yeah, and before all this, I also wired the motor directly to 9v just to make sure that the motor was working.  It is.

Have I covered it?  Is there anything else people would recommend I check before assuming that my H-bridge is faulty?



Hello, I reply even i is old beacuase I have the same problem (solved right now).. searching for answers as I found this topic..
I too was stucked beacause code and breadboard were right, checked 10 times with led, serial etc..
I started to think that the h bridge was  broken for real!
then, as last chance, i put the h bridge reverse, jin the same spot but just rotate it 180°... and it worked!
hope this will help if anyone find himself in the situation...

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