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Hi , i've connected an SD shield to my arduino DUE,
i want to sample an audio and store it on the SD card , i've understood that the DUE sampling rate is about 21Khz , and the resolution is 12 bit , how i record audio straight to the SD card ?


First, do you have the analog side of your circuit worked out? You can't just plug an audio lead into the Arduino.

Second, you will need to know how to control the sampling rate. The standard analogRead() was not intended to perform regular timed samples.

Third, you need one of the good SD card libraries. Search within this forum and I think you'll find at least one good option.
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1. The analog side is working great , i've allready sampled it using NI myDAQ.
2. I dont know how to control the sampling rate .
3. I've just downloaded what i founded , im new to this arduino world , i dont know if its good or not.
any help will be appriciated , i'm stucking on this few days and without any good result.

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