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Topic: how take input from Arduino in a program written with the help of c language? (Read 770 times) previous topic - next topic


How to read a message recieved using rf443 by an arduino directly in a c program(not on Arduino IDE)?


This is really not clear.

If you do not want to use arduino IDE do you want to use something like avr-gcc? If so, possibly ask on an appropriate site.

If you have a C program that is a driver for the rf443, you can just put that in the directory with your .ino. The IDE will pick up the C file. The only problem is if there are #includes in that C file. You can try putting those in the same directory and see what problems there may be.

Or have I not guessed correctly yet?

Oops... let me add this: any .c file must be named .cpp for the IDE to use it correctly.

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