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Topic: Text to Speech (TTS) with Ardiuno? (Preferably not a shield) (Read 919 times) previous topic - next topic


looking to add TTS to a project...
There's Emic2 and dfrobot boards (I'd rather a module instead of a shield, but flexible)
I also spotted kits for SpeakerJet, MagicMouth (but seems dead now), and GinSing.  And others based on  ISD1790PY

Seems the speakerjet and ginsing are pretty '8-bit computer' variants...
Has anyone put together anything from a chip (or shield/module) and has some sample wav files?

I will be feeding a circuit directly, in place of a microphone, so I'd rather avoid using a speaker directly.

Some chance you may have ideas & thoughts?


I have GinSing shield and the Emic2 module. Emic2 has higher quality speech then GinSing for voice. But GinSing can generate incredible sound effects. The Emic2 module is small, only a 3x4 CM footprint.
As for no shield I have used the TTS library by jscrane. But the quality of speech is low. You can better make out the words if you know what will be spoken.
It's all about the skills

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