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I create a new topic that shows how to reconvert an old RC car in a smart car using an Arduino UNO and Bluetooth connection. Before make this project I will create some easy and interesting tutorials that will help you to familiarise with create apps for Android and develop programs for Arduino.

The first lesson is controlling a DC Motor with an application created for Android that will allow us to control his  velocity.

Material Needed

- DC Motor or a fan.
- Protoboard.
- NPN Transistor.
- Arduino UNO.
- Modul Bluetooth HC-05 or HC-06.

To create the apps we are gooing to use Appinventor.


The link below shows the results:


The link below shows the tutorial:


Code: [Select]

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial BT(10,11); //10 RX, 11 TX.
String state = ""; //Save data that come from Bluetooth
String lastState= "";
int inChar = 0;
char pwmChar[3];
int i = 0;
int pwm = 0, lastPwm=0;
void setup()
void loop()
  while (BT.available()>0)  { // While there are data come frome bluetooth...
     inChar = BT.read(); // Read data
     pwmChar[i]= (char)inChar; //Save data to array type char
     state += pwmChar[i]; //Save chars in a String
  if (lastState != state) // Control when to write the PWM
      pwm = state.toInt(); // Convert the String to a int value
      analogWrite(3,pwm); // Send the value to PWM Pin
      // Reset variables value
      i = 0;
      inChar =0;
      lastPwm = pwm;


This is one of my project
With hc-05 for camera equipment


This is more complete sample for controling 2 motors

It use appinv too



I used Smart-Technology for my Quadrocopter.

Sensors (DOF/Altimeter) <I2C> Arduino Nano <Serial> RaspberryPi <UDP/WLAN> Android

Also working quite well.


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