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An Arduino does not withstand 9V on Vcc, rated max. is 5.5V.
Just wondering if u understand the usage of the term fried - because your comment implies u don't.
Fried = "Burnt out".


Mainland Europe is 220V, UK 240V,  these small differences in voltage and frequency
shouldn't matter at all to a universal switch-mode power supply...  It might have been
poorly conditioned power (industrial, agricultural - UPS's are recommended in such harsh
environments.)  Or a cheap sub-standard power supply unit (out of spec but holding
out at 110V apparently fine).

Words of wisdom (trying to make peace....)

OP,  You weren't trying to use it on Euro-Rail, were you?  I have several appliances that (almost) regularly blow fuses when plugged in on the rail.  They seem to work fine in residential supply, or set to 115Vac here in the States.

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