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I want to generate PWM of frequency 40Khz with 60% duty cycle and there should be another signal of same frequency, but this other signal should be 180 degrees from the previous one.
please help, i have to complete my project.


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/* sketch to output 40KHz signal, 60/40 waveform
 25uS period, *.6 = 15uS, *.4 = 10uS
 run on regular Arduino

void setup(){
  pinMode (2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (3, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite (2, LOW); // set initial states
  digitalWrite (3, HIGH);
void loop(){

  while (1){ // reduce jitter from main & loop code
    PIND = PIND | 0b00001100; // toggle output by writng to input register
    PIND = PIND | 0b00001100;
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Thank You Sir, I will test the code.
Thanks for your help.


you can use a not gate to invert the output by 180 degrees

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