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and can i use the arduino uno


and can i use the arduino uno

You should post it as a new topic.  Something along the lines of "Can I use an arduino uno to hack a keyboard?"


I'll be a lot quicker this time.  Sorry I missed your question.  The Arduino can be programmed to act as a USB client and mimic things such as USB keyboards and mice.  However to my knowledge (and we are out at the fringes here) it can't act as a host to such devices.  Consequently I suspect you will need to add a shield that will have a USB that works in Host mode (ie can supply 5V etc).

USB Hub Shield is the first one I saw on ebay, so no particular recommendation, but I think it is close to what you might be after?

Official Arduino + Libraries etc would be my first port of call.  Some nice person might have already done a lot of the work for you  ;)

Sorry about the 'lecture' it's a bad habit retired teachers find hard to give up  :-X

Cheers, Rob
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Thanks KenF for writing down your notes (back in 2015). I found it helpful since I had a similar case with a broken microwave. I disassembled it (taking precautions with the capacitor charges), and salvaged the SH69P25 microcontroller chip to maybe repurpose it. Thanks for the heads up about that MCU being an OTP (one time programmable - might be obvious to most, but I didn't know what it meant when I read the specs sheet) chips. I plan to reuse the 7-segment display in another project. As an beginner with electronics, but an enthusiast one, I also appreciate robwlakes post (the longer one ;-)   )  Cheers!


I am hacking a dead LG microwave oven using atmega 328p. I am still developing the code. I will update when I am done.


keep us updated interested 

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