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The code sample you provide is no option for me, as I only have a KLine available on my bike for interrogating the ECU, no CAN bus there...


Second post was K-Line.


Maybe TriB still has similar requests left ?
It would be interesting what the scanner sends and receives. And what it displays!
This is how my project started:
A friend of mine got a healtech KDS adapter and the according software. Then installed a Software Serial Tool, which recorded everything which was transferred between the computer and the adapter.
Looking at the recorded and the shown data, f.e. RPM gave me the calculations and the right PID´s.

But he sold it and we did not got further to see what to send to get the fan turning, moving the exhaust valve, read the troubleshoot codes, read mapping, write mapping, ect. This were the interesting things I need to know :)

If the scanner works without a PC, you can attach a device in between, which just writes everything on a sd card. Should not be that complicated  :smiley-cool:

My knowledge is quite good at Kawasaki and okay for Suzuki (got both in the garage). But I got spare knowledge about Honda and none about Yamaha. I´d love to learn more about their protocols and stuff.


    Thanks a lot of all information available here, I going to make myself Gear indicator and also coolant temperature, but when I requested that seems the coolant temperature quite lower than the ambient temperature even I have stopped the bike for a whole night(No start engine), in the morning that the ambient temp was around 29 Degree C but my calculation I got only 12 Degree C. for coolant temp., My bike is Ninja1000 year 2017 with the KDS plug with 6 pins.
I also tried with other bike like a Z800 with 4 pin KDS connector and the result it correct corresponding with Z800 display.
I used a formula (a-48)/1.6, this formula available here (Thanks a lot for provider).
I am not sure I have requested correct  requested or not, I used 88 11 F1 02 21 06 AB. and retuen 80 F1 11 03 61 06 XX 5C (XX is a byte I use for calculate)
Kindly please help with the fomula.
Thanks a lot.


Hello Kea09,

I was also struggeling a lot with the temperature. It seems to fit and after riding around it was totally wrong.
Many of the findings (Speed calculation, Air pressure, ect.) in the ECUhacking-Forum were wrong.

But what seems to be correct is:
Offset = -30
Resolution = 0,625

In my code, I subtract -10 because the OBD2 standard needs a offset from -40.
The resolution means 0,625 * 256 = 160. Every value base on 256. Calculation with decimals is bad, so try to work with integers as long as possible.

Code: [Select]
coolantTempCelsius = ((a * 160) / 256 ) - 30;

Good luck!

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