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With the HMI Controller for Arduino you can create an interface between your Android device and Arduino, this app connection works with Bluetooth and Ethernet.

This app can be used in home automatization, you can control lights and devices or check the state of the doors or windows. With this app you can do alot of things.

HMI Controller for Arduino Lite Version

HMI Controller for Arduino FULL Version


Hi,I have downloaded your Full Version and would like to display some Process Control data on your HMI.  My Bluetooth connection is working and connected to my Andriod and I can see the data I want in a basic text display.

When I try to add a Widgit I get an error saying I need to first Synchronize my Android with this app.  I assume this means I need to download a library for the HMI to work.

Any help yo can offer would be appreciated.  Richard


Hello, I have the same problem with the free version. Can you Synchronize you Arduino with the app?

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