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Use Arduino Simulator

Hi all,

I am a rookie. I'm learning about Arduino. I'm using  Arduino debuger project on Github. I'm with an exercise that is:
+ Use a button to control the value of a variable resistor,
+ How to change the value of variable resistor?
+ How to print resistor value to the serial monitor?

Can you help me? please!!

Thank you very much
Look forward to your feedback!

This is the link contained Arduino Simulator


Can you help me?
With what?

Please read this:-
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It will teach you how to ask questions.



I use a variable resistor to control the LED on the Arduino simulator.
Now I want to know: How to change the value of a variable resistor that?


How to change the value of a variable resistor that?
I don't think you can. However I don't have a Windoze machine so I can't test it, sorry.



You could always try a PM to the Author.

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