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I have an autopilot project involving a Raymarine St 1000+, and Arduino, and a Raspberry Pi.

Open CPN (or equilavent) will be used to send navigation commands through the Pi, to the Arduino, and onto the Autopilot. 

I have purchased a Seatalk converter, that I hope to install on the i/o pins of the Pi.  Otherwise, I will use NMEA strings from the Pi to control the autopilot.  There is one major hurdle in the way of this project: the waypoint advance feature that requires the operator to press two buttons on the autopilot in order to advance from one waypoint to the next.  The reason this feature is a problem for me is that I won't be on the boat, it's a drone.  I know there are safety concerns--but all are being considered and taken very seriously.

Does anyone out there have code, or suggestions for interfacing this setup?  Ideally, I would like to provide all of the navigation strings required for the drone to complete routes: waypoint to waypoint, without the interruption of the Raymarine st1000+ waypoint advance feature.  Perhaps if I only provide the unit with the minimum message required it will not be so temperamental.

Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated. 

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