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Hey guys! i have a question about compiling two different codes.

one code is FTP Code by SurferTim

and the other is voice recording code.
you can see basic ideas from this site below.

and i attached a voice recording code to get some help from you guys.

The big problem here is the voice recording project team made a new SdFat library here(You can see when you open the file i attached). So I think when i compile two codes, SD head and SdFat head are conflicting each other. I tried almost everything that i could do but i could not succeed in compiling two codes.
I am not saying that i want you guys to compile two codes.
I just want to hear some advice from you.
Any advice would be highly appreciated.


This is my tutorial on the topic.

You might be short of memory when you try and combine them but as long as the global variables do not conflict you should be able to compile it at least. The main problem will come if both codes want to use the same hardware, like the timers.

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