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I have heard that there are many errors in the book. Keeping that in mind I don't want to be left with false ideas and conclusions since I have just begun with electronics. It would be very helpful if you guys could identify the errors in the book.  :)


It dependents on what starter kit you choose and hope that the following info can help you a little.  Basic Kit for Arduino is the perfect kit for you to dive into the electronics and Arduino world. It includes the most popular accessories for a first-time user to learn about the Arduino hardware, software and general electronics theory. The detailed guide book, which includes 13 step-by-step basic experiments, helps you creating small, simple, and easy-to-assemble circuits. It is straight forward, includes diagrams, codes, explanations, and additional instructions, with which you can understand all about the projects, to get the necessary skills needed to progress beyond the book. You can also look at the Basic Kit for Arduino Code in http://www.elecrow.com/beginner-basic-kit-for-arduino-without-crowduino-p-609.html


 Elecrow, I appreciate the link you have shared. Really good things in the starter kit.

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