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Every time I connect a component (temperature sensor, DC motor, LED etc.), my Arduino Uno switches itself off. When I disconnect the component from ground, it turns back on. I am connected with a USB cable. (OS: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10162) (Board: Arduino Uno)


If you try to draw more than 500 mA from the USB cable the USB power will be disconnected by a self-resetting fuse. I suspect your loads are too high (certainly the DC motor would be a problem there) or you have a short in your wiring between +5V and Ground. 
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I don't really understand what you mean... How can I fix it so it stops shorting?


The USB port has a current limit. If your arduino and motor draw more current than the USB port is able to supply, it trips a reset able fuse.

Give us full details of the motor and anything else you are running from the Arduino. A circuit or photo of how it is connected would also help.

What you will probably need to do is run the motor from another supply, not from the USB.

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