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I am trying to flash my DaVinci 1.0a with Repetier .92 and everything is set up but when I try to go into settings and change the "Board" to "Native USB Port", the option for native usb port doesn't show up, although I have tried it on Arduino 1.5.8 BETA and it did show up, but the code I am using is only for Arduino 1.6.9 and 1.6.8.

Can anyone help me to get the Native USB Port to show up on Board selection or tell me if there is an alternative way to do this??

There is a picture of the screen when I'm trying to select "Arduino Due Native USB Port"  It should be the second to last option at the bottom of the bar.


Tools -> Board ->Board Maneger ( install ARM SAM  )...

Tools - >Board -> base menu ( Usb native ) see.


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