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Hello all,

I cant find any good driver for this Lcd and im not very good to program it.
3.95 inch LCD touch screen
Resolution: 480 x320
Controller: ili9488
Provide the LCD, IC specification ili9488 microcontroller arm driver
Appearance of size:  9.7 cm X 6.9 cm


Well,   it looks just like other mcufriend.com shields.    The easiest library to adapt is UTFT.

Do you have a link to an online store for this shield ?



Jul 25, 2015, 09:36 pm Last Edit: Jul 25, 2015, 09:44 pm by diger67
No problems. It seems that the Advanced version ili9488 ili9341. I just corrected the library to determine the type of the controller and determine which features are used to control them.


 i dont know how still not working.


Hello guys. I have same problem on arduino mega, can you please help on this? Thanks a lot :)


Aug 17, 2015, 08:58 pm Last Edit: Aug 17, 2015, 09:02 pm by diger67
With the corrected library works. For one thing, it would use this library have to rename the folder with a previously installed library. And copied into the library folder of the library post above links. The fact is that you probably use the library adafruit where pin-Magick for Arduino Mega is using the port outputs A. In my library uses the old pin-Magick.


adafruit library didn't work , not on uno , not on mega
the driver for this lcd is unknown

utft didn't work too

maybe in the future adafruit will add the driver for this kind of lcd


Oct 13, 2015, 04:06 pm Last Edit: Oct 13, 2015, 04:10 pm by mmb_88
i have tested the Libraries from diger67 and they works fine :)
( Mega2560 with the same 3.95 ILI9488 display)
Thank you very much for that !!
I only have changed the SPI define to Soft SPI in the libraries,
so that i can use it direct with the mega ...

I think some init commands have to be adapt so that it works 100% correct, but for now it works ...   :)
If i find something i will tell you


Thanks a lot diger67.
3.95 tft works very good on mega.
I had a 3.6 tft with ili9327 and works ok too.

Now i bought again a 3.6" tft

but it is only 3.5" (wrote on the board) and it has ili9488 , it is the "identifier" received from diger67 example.

The item starts but with big problems (i tried with 2 items , because i bought 2 pcs).

Any ideea?
Many thanks



First, yes,    THANKS   to diger67  .....   

May I add my experience too

I have been reading this thread while patiently waiting for my 3.6 inch TFT - which has now arrived but with badly damaged screen.  Only half of it is useable, so waiting for replacement. :o

The 3.6 inch seems identical to the 3.95 inch except for size  - e.g. states controller is ili9488 (but see later)

The TFT would have been useless using UTFT library as the data pins sit across two ports on the UNO, and the control pins also need remapping, which diger67 does !!!!!! 

Before I found this thread I was creating a simple hand built shield to convert the 3.6 inch  data pinouts to match the UTFT library, the control pinouts can be remapped easily.....  but no need now due to diger67 library.   Can plug the TFT directly into UNO !!!!!!!!!!!

One question I do have and hope to get an answer here.

I forced the identifier to 0x9327 and the diger67 examples seem to run a lot smoother, than the default 0x9341.   But all the colours are now LIGHT,   e.g. red is light red, blue is light blue etc

Code: [Select]
// identifier = 0x9341;
  //identifier = 0x9488;  //useable
    identifier = 0x9327;   // looks the best and smoothest

Does anyone have the correct colour values for 0x9327 ?

One last thing for others - I had to also force the diger67 examples to a screen width of 320 and height of 480  for some reason.  They were picking up smaller sizes.  Also examples have a lot of commented out code  which is really useful.

Finally  ... did I say thanks to diger67 ??  :)   


Hi, back again....

Just discovered david_prentice Mcufriend_kbv library and in particular the glue demo.

One word  - WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

Worked perfectly even on my dodgy cracked screen and such brilliant colours !!!!

Thanks to david_prentice my questions answered !!!!!!!!!!


help me please I can't use the driver ili9488 for the 3.6"TFT LCD shield for mega2560 R3


Library imperfect. Supplemented and adjusted for specific Shield. To correctly display the Scrin have to edit its value in the file library at the TFT change. I do not claim perfection. Who I moved to stm32 and ported the library on its platform. Everything works. Thanks to all and for the praise and criticism. I will continue to work.

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