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Hello, my name is Matthew, I run a free, public laboratory called the Visual World Investigate Lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. I have been teaching computer programming and Arduino for the past three years and am now offering a series of workshops outside of the museum for kids and adults.

Starting this October Raleigh MakerTech Workshops will begin offering weekly beginner-level classes that teach computer programming and electronics using Arduino. Advanced level classes will begin in January and will focus on individual components (sensors, screens, etc.)

See the attached poster or visit www.raleighmakertech.com for more info and to sign up!

Thank you and I hope to see you there!
Founder of Raleigh MakerTech Workshops: www.RaleighMakerTech.com
Director of the Visual World Investigate Lab: www.tinyurl.com/vislabNRC
Projects Site: www.matthewfaerber.com


I just signed up ten minutes ago.  I ordered my Arduino Uno a few hours ago, and just signed up on the Forum.  Something fun to play with in 2016.

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