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Hello Everyone,

I basically need a bluetooth module i can connect to with my smartphone/tablet (both ios and android), i wont the module to sendt data to the connected device as informations gathered from sensors such as temperature or other. The module must also could receive data from the connected device, so i can turn on some difference led for example.

I have search around the last couples of days and i have tried out some different modules such as HC-06 but i quickly find out that this is a problem for iDevices, i den tried out af HM-10 and i can connect to it at get data from it and sent data to it.

But now i got greedy and i wont to connect multiply devices at once is this possible with HM-10 or another module out there i haven't found yet? and can i configure the HM-10 module so i can see it under bluetooth in settings on my iDevices? right now i can only see the module when im using and app called lightBlue.

Bonus qustion:
the HM-10 module i have bought is quite buggy i can trough serial console get response with the command "AT+NAME?" but i dont get a response with the command "AT" or "AT+VER?"/"AT+VERS" there are som others which is working and others that don't.
this is the one i bought: http://www.dx.com/p/keyes-hm-10-6-pin-transparent-ble-bluetooth-v4-0-serial-port-module-w-logic-level-translator-377525#.VbdqX2TtlBc
I have read about some fake ones which are buggy, but i dont think this i fake but maybe im mistaken?
those anyone of you have some thought about this?


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