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Anyone using arduino with an old school erector set for robot chassis?  Any tips?

Thinking something like this one: http://amzn.com/B0052PXPU0


They just use DC motors - so there shouldn't be any need for "tips" - just hook the motors to h-bridges, and connect the h-bridges to the Arduino and done.

What kind of "tips" were you looking for?
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The first is mine and uses standard Meccano DC motors, L298 H bridges. Microswitches for raise/lower limit  switching. Potentiometer for slew angle. Front RH corner is a Meccano built up 180 deg stepper motor (design by Stephen Jeavons) driven by 1 sec pulse generated by Arduino.
Rubik's cube solver by David Crouch uses heavy duty (metal geared) servos and 2000 lines of code.
Should give you some ideas.

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