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Peter_I, I will try to put up a picture of my board tomorrow so you can see a really good fake. It is very late where I live and I will call it a day now..
I'm not a complete idiot. Some parts are missing.


Got a couple pretty good pictures of front and back of the counterfeit Uno but even though my camera shows up in Devices and Printers, when I try to transfer from my camera to the laptop, I only get "Cannot detect camera". I have transferred to this laptop dozens of times in the past.

Something is amuck with this laptop. Whatever, maybe it's related to not being able to upload to Uno via USB
I'm not a complete idiot. Some parts are missing.


I've always found that particular claim a bit unbelievable.  "Not normally stocked at xxx distributor", perhaps.  "Custom made" - no way.

Oh dear!  So these are in fact, merely standard Bourns Polyfuses, in the case of the "501K" cited, a MF-SM(D)F050, 550 mA batch made at the start of March 2011 (or was that 2001?), or my "500Z", presumably made at Christmas 2010.

Or did Arduino acquire whole batches so that the codes would be unique?  Here's a question (if it hasn't been asked before) - what batch numbers of the genuine gold polyfuses do people have?


I dunno.  If Bourns is the only one who sells the gold/black parts, and all the "clone" manufacturers clone/use the other company's (littlefuse, TEC, etc) green fuses, then it's still a pretty good indicator.  If the clone vendors all bought the high-quality components from the expensive vendors, then the clone wouldn't be cheap...  (presumably "let's plate our contacts with gold, but still sell them for cheaper" is not a phrase you hear very often.)
I have a Duemilanove and MEGA1280 with 508S, and a more recent MEGA-ADK with 501L.


The black and gold polyfuse on my fake "arduino Uno" has 5031 imprinted on it
I'm not a complete idiot. Some parts are missing.


Just FYI - I was having the same problem, and solved it by directly plugging the AUSB cable from the Arduino into the computer instead of going through a hub.  I have no idea why that might make a difference, but in case others like me are coming to this old thread with the same problem, it is probably worth a try.

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