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Topic: Buttons pop out of bread board. Will a different breadboard fix it? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


My buttons and H-bridge are popping out of my breadboard, I am wondering if a different solder-less breadboard will work? If so could I have a link to where I could purchase one that worked for you guys.



I had a similar problem with the buttons popping out of the breadboard.  I fixed that by carefully bending the pins a little bit so they fit better.

Same with the H-Bridge.  The pins on mine were angled slightly outwards.  I just carefully bent them back in a fraction with a pair of pliers so they were straighter, and it fit in the breadboard perfectly after that.


Thanks, I bended the pins on my h bridge so they were straight down and played with the button pins a little. The buttons don't go all the way in, but they function.

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