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For the users who have tried Elecrow service, the reviews can be critical. From PCB Prototyping (PCB 5-10-20 pcs ), PCB Small Batch (PCB 50-500 pcs) and PCB Assembly and Premium PCB in http://www.elecrow.com/news.html?chapter_id=38&c_id=4, you can see different reviews on different PCB related services. But in total, most users are satisfied with the services due to the high quality  PCBs with PCB quality insurance.

Allow me to introduce more great features of Elecrow PCB service here: quick and high quality PCB fabrication experience in PCB fabricating and the price can be quite acceptable, what's more, it can offer 8 colors to choose from and 6 color are free!! Have you ever tried Elecrow PCB service before and how do you like it?


Not a review, but how much would it cost to have Elecrow make 1 1.5 * 1.5 inch PCB? 2 layers.
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You can find the price calculator on their web site.

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