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Topic: Please assist with nstalling Attiny on PC (version 1.6.5 of Arduino IDE). (Read 472 times) previous topic - next topic



I tried multiple times to install the files needed to program the attiny chip. I created the hardware file and

extracted the files. The files and directories all seem to be located in there property location according to

the instructions I've followed. I did this process several times however the attiny is not listed under boards

in the Arduino IDE. Do I need to roll my current version of the software back? I even followed along via

YouTube still no luck. I remember hearing or reading about an Arduino-002 file I believe it was named but

I do not have that file. Thank you for your time.


Have a look at the tutorial linked to below. From your description it would appear that you are using outdated material.

Installing Attiny Cores in Arduino 1.6.5
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Hi SantinoPrice,

That is the website I used. I seem to have all the files it just does not show the additional boards that should be there. I even uninstalled the Arduino IDE. Still no luck. If there is another option that you know of could you let me know? I thought about a third party board that I could just plug the attiny 85 into and do it that way. That would be an easy work around. Thank you for your time.

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