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Regarding the #13 project, Touchy lamp, theres one important thing you missed in the chapter, one thing that could make newbies like me go mad trying to figure out why it's not working.

I almost had a seizure trying. I re-added the Capacitive library, I re-wired the circuit several times, tried different settings, I even tried to modify the Capacitive library. After an hour trying, it just worked out of nowhere.

Why? I was sitting on my chair with my legs crossed. Yes, with my legs crossed. Not touching the ground. You know, the "ground". Therefore, I didn't have enough "power", enough "connectivity", or whatever the scientific term is.

As soon as I touched the ground with my feet, it worked. Magically.

It would be great if you wrote somewhere in that chapter that in order to work you must be, uhm... I don't know, touching the ground? Not sitting with your legs crossed? Not being a lazyf*ck and standing up? You know, just to make it sure.

I hate you Arduino team.


As it is rather unclear who is producing the Starter Kit these days, you might want to vent your frustration over on the 'other' Arduino site too:


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