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Since I'm running low on available pins on my arduino Due.
I was looking for a way to breakout more pins on the atmel sam3x8e.
Looking at the schematic the due uses only about 60% of the available pins of the mcu.

In the program files directory I can find the normal boards pin assignment header files. But not the one used in the arduino Due.

I think it should be possible to unlock the other pins of this processor as well.
The project will be on an custom designed pcb. So the pinout on the pcb is no issue in this case.
I'm only using the arduino due as an prototype board for my bigger project.


If you need more pins than the Due can supply, check out this site.


This board has 99 I/O Pins broken out, and is fully compatible with the Arduino DUE.

You may find the file that you're looking for amongst the documentations and drivers.

Hope this helps.

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