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Topic: how to connect Arduino IDE to Galileo with SD Image installed? (Read 536 times) previous topic - next topic


1-  if SD card installed and the serial cable connected we could get com for the usb cable connection for ARduino IDE

2-  if the serial cable removed but SD card remains, usb cable connected
we cant get com

3- remove the SD card and reboot and wait we get com connection

4- using example SD data logger,   the error "error opening datalog.txt"

5- install the card while sketch program running - works and logged message appears

6- reboot and examine port on Arduino   com gone for Arduino

q:  how to use only Arduino IDE with the SD card installed and get communication
and accomplish data logger?

do we have to change the ttyS on CARD or Flash where we use Arduino sketch to change the port
Q: however, if the CARD installed we do not get com at all for   ARduino  IDE?

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