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Arduino wifi shield is widely used as there are many benefits of choosing Arduino wifi shield. It is a great tool for both hackers and commercial developers interested in rapid prototyping of smart lighting, or any other Arduino-based application.

Besides, the arduino wifi shield can be very flexible that it can be used with different Arduino Boards. It has stable wifi performance and it has flexible WiFi design that user can also change the antenna to different antenna type for their project wise.

Elecrow Wifi Shield utilizes a RN171 wifi module to provide your Arduino/Crowduino with serial Ethernet's function and adds storage to your arduino project . It features an independent antenna which can cover a wider range and transmit stronger signals. With supports for common TCP, UDP and FTP communication protocols, this Wifi Shield can meet needs of most wireless network projects, like smart home networks, robot controls or personal weather stations, etc.

We prepared an easy and convenient command set for this shield so that you can use neat and concise code to run the function. If you use the wifi function, it takes two pins to hook your device up to 802.11b/g wireless networks. If you use the storage, it takes SPI and a select pin to access to the SD. Also, on the board there is an on-board micro SD slot ready for your store your data, making you applications such as weather monitoring easily!


Having problems with my set up ,please can you explain how to identify my settings for:
Wifly.connect("","90")); Where would i be able to find these settings, forgive me as im new to this world of electronic gadgets
thank you


Hi ivannair,
This code  Wifly.connect("","90")); is for setting the wifi shield to connect with server.
You need to set the IP of server as, 90 first.
I will ask my workmate to add more details for setting the server on the wiki page soon.

For more commend of the RN171 wifi shield, you can have a look at the PDF file.


hi dear friends
can you explain diference between wifi madule and wifi shield arduino ??
witch ones is better ?


I have a project that i want  to save my data .  i have a wifi shield  too
 are  you  suggest me that use from the sd card that is on board or a sd card reader ?
Which one is simple ?

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