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Hi guys!

Look at my new work - a radio-controlled car for my grandson.

I printed all plastic details from BS, PLA, BFlex, PetG on ANYCUBIC i3 MEGA 3D printer.

Tire wheels are made of two-component silicone. Power supply - 12.6 Volt 6800mAh battery.
Everything is controlled by the Arduino nano, the radio link is tuned through the NRF24L01 modules.
The driver for the L298n motor operates at a voltage of 22 volts. I installed 2 voltage-lowering modules, and one voltage-boosting module for the motor. LED headlights have three degrees of brightness.

The car has four transfer case operation modes: 4WD, rear-wheel drive only, front-wheel drive only, and neutral.

 The entire machine drawing is made in the SOLIDWORKS 2017 program.

What do you think? Any comments?


This is really friggin cool! Can you post the stl files for others to look at/print?
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