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I found a project "how to upload a sketch to your Arduino via a network" on


I have problem in the first step. I mean installing bootloader. In which directory do we put this files? On that website, this files was uploaded. https://github.com/freetronics/arduino-tftpboot/downloads
I followed the instructions. it doesn't work.

I also cannot see this board.

I use Win 7 x64 and Arduino IDE 1.6.5. If anyone solved it, please contact with me...

Thank you in advance


I think this needs to be built the same way as Optiboot, and the easiest way I found was to setup a Ubuntu LXDE (Linux) machine and install the Arduino IDE package (there may have been other packages which I forget so look on the internet). Normally I use Windows also but I did not see an easy way to run the Makefile on Windows so that is why I used Linux.

This TFTP bootloader is interesting, looking at its boards.txt file I see a hex file worth searching for... and google found it right away after looking all over the internet it was just a few directories over (haha, for some reason I found that funny).

So now you need a tool to burn the bootloader on your board, I use the AVR Dragon so doubt that will help you, just look for an ISP (Arduino had one, but I think they gave it up).

for clickable reference:
my projects: https://github.com/epccs


It looks like arduino-tftpboot has not been made compatible with Arduino IDE 1.6.x yet. If you want to convert it here's the necessary information: https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/wiki/Arduino-Hardware-Cores-migration-guide-from-1.0-to-1.6 Have you also looked at the Ariadne bootloader? That's another option for a TFTP bootloader that is already compatible with Arduino IDE 1.6.x and supports more boards. I find it pretty easy to install and use. I have a fork of it where I have added Boards Manager installation support, fixed some bugs, added support for other boards, and improved the documentation:
Or here is the original repository:
If you end up trying out my fork of Ariadne I'd be interested in hearing any feedback.


The bootloader is already made:


Unless you want it for another processor, the 328 file should be fine with UNO.
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I see that the fullaware fork's boards.txt has been made compatible with Arduino IDE 1.5+(OP was referring to the freetronics fork). Unfortunately they didn't bother to change the folder structure to also be compatible...

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