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Modi is a expandable controller bank system designed for AVR microcontroller platforms like Arduino and Teensy. There are four distinct module types available, each consisting of either 8 or 16 individually readable analog or digital controllers. Modi boards can be stacked to support up to 64 inputs making them ideal for MIDI/OSC projects.

The system utilizes the 4051 8-channel analog multiplexer and a firmware library to collect readings from all the controllers. A smoothing method is included in the library to facilitate stable readings.

There are four board types...
Hybri   8 buttons + 8 potentiometers
Turni   16 potentiometers
Pushi   16 buttons
Slidi   8 slide potentiometers

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/brendan-byrne/Modi
Assembly Instructions: http://brendanbyrne.info/Hybri-Assembly-Instructions
Purchase Kits: http://xiwielectronics.com/collections/all

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