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I recently hacked my mindflex toy EEG headset using the already existing tutorials. I can see data coming to the arduino in the serial monitor. However, in order to make sense of that data, I ran processing according to the tutorial and ran the brain-grapher sketch. It works fine without any issues however, in the actual graph, I can see all readings except attention and meditation. Has anybody ever encountered this problem or may have a theory as to why I am not getting the attention values as they are the most important in this hack?


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I hacked one of these a couple of weeks ago. I'm in Australia, where the mains power frequency is 50Hz, but bought my Mindflex headset from the US, where the mains frequency is 60Hz. Have you possibly done a similar thing?

I got the same results as you, until I changed the mains frequency filter jumper on the headset's TGAM1 board from 60Hz to 50Hz, then I started getting valid 'Attention' and 'Meditation' values. (Provided I had the headset sensor in 'exactly' the right position, almost touching my left eyebrow.)

I couldn't get the Processing 'Brain Grapher' to work, due to an OpenGL problem, but am using the Arduino 'Brain Library' to parse the data stream and extract the data. (I'm in the midst of writing my own Processing 'BrainwaveGrapher', that doesn't use OpenGL.)

My problem is that there seems to be no real correlation between the 'Attention' and 'Meditation' values and my actual state of mind. It has a 'mind of it's own'.

Edit: It's worth downloading the 'Brain Library'. The example sketch, "BrainSerialTest.ino", sends all of the data values serially to the PC, so they can easily be viewed in the Arduino serial monitor. The first value displayed is the 'Poor Signal' value. It needs to be 0, or very close to it, before you'll get any valid values for 'Attention' and 'Meditation'. (They're the second and third values respectively.)

I just noticed how old your post was - still having the problem?
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Hi all!

I finished this project not long ago. I wanted to connect it via bluetooth with the Arduino mega. I wanted to know if anyone has had any luck with this?

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