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Topic: Make arduino talk in my voice,even for any other person's audio input, possible? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


Hello everyone. I'm going to make a Zovi type mini Robot. Though I had a little knowledge about Arduino, it's my first Arduino Project. I want to add a feature in my Robot. That is, it should repeat whatever any person says(Just like talking tom). But the voice output by the arduino should be same for all people. That should be my voice. Is it possible?



I think you are confusing a small microcontroller with a general purpose high speed computer with
voice recognition application running.

The ratio in resources between an Arduino Uno and a full-blown computer is more than a million
in RAM and about 5,000 in speed for integers (100,000 including high-end GPU, more than 10 million if
using floating point arithmetic on high end GPU)

No comparison.  Voice recognition is a compute-intensive operation requiring floating point.
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You have a totally unreasonable expectations of the current state of technology. This is just science fiction no matter how much processing power you throw at it unless you restrict it to pre recorded phrases of your voice.


But it was achieved by Talking Tom right? I wanna make a robot exactly same as that, which no matter whose voice you as give the input, it processes in a specific voice and produces the output with that voice.


But it was achieved by Talking Tom right?
No idea, have you got a link to one of those? Maybe it was not real.

According to Wikipedia :-
Tom can repeat words spoken for up to 25 seconds at a distance of 10 meters from himself using the synthesized voice,
So it was not using another voice at all. I guess it was just doing audio recording and adding a bit of distortion to make it sound like it was a synthesised voice.

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