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I got the demo to work!
I checked out my SD card and my tracks were named "track00X.mp3" however it seems windows adds another ".mp3" to the end that I couldn't see... I simply renamed them as "track00X" and they are playing.
I tried to butcher the demo down to fit my needs but it is a rather elaborate sketch. I'm not very certain how to go about it.
Like always if anyone has any input that would make this project shine feel free to toss any suggestions my way! I'm absolutely looking to improve.
and again,
         Thank you for your help!


Solution to this problem:
in  sd.begin(); I had left out  SD_SEL, SPI_HALF_SPEED
After including that the MP3 is working!
and again,
         Thank you for your help!


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Are you using the geeetech mp3 shield?

I'm playing with one now and needed a bit of help so headed here (but I got it playing sound).

I used adafruit's code instead of the geeetech stuff. You can download the libraries here: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-vs1053-mp3-aac-ogg-midi-wav-play-and-record-codec-tutorial/software

Copy the libraries into the libraries file of your arduino installation folder.

In the arduino program go to Examples and look for 'Adafruit VS1053 Library' and open 'player simple'.

In the sketch you'll need to change the pins to match your shield.  If it's the geeetech one then set the 'breakout_reset' to 8, breakout_CS to 6, breakout_DCS to 7, CARDCS to 9 and DREQ to 2.

It requires some MP3s on the shield called track001.mp3 and track002.mp3.

You should be able to use this as a base, and work up from here to get it to trigger.
hey cowjam,

i was wondering whether you could elaborate a bit on the content spit out by the serial monitor if I just change pins as you described. It seems to be working as in playing the file once but i have problems understanding its logic:

Adafruit VS1053 Simple Test
VS1053 found
~1.TRA 4096
TRACK001.MP3 1146043
 PSID.DB 8192
 TM~1.SNO 0
 TM~1.LIO 0
 LIO~1.CRE 0
 CA~1.CRE 0
 INDEXS~1 28
 ~1.IND 4096
 ~~2.IND 16
 ~~~3.IND 3277
 ~~~~4.IND 4096
 ~~~~~5.IND 344
 ~~~~~~34.IND 4096
 ~~~~~~37.IND 344
 ~~~~~~40.IND 2056
 ~~~~~~43.IND 8
 ~~~~~~46.IND 768
 ~~~~~~48.IND 13
 ~1.DIR 65536
 LIVE~1.IND 4096
 LIVE~~2.IND 32768
 LIVE~~~3.IND 3277
 LIVE~~~4.IND 4096
 LIVE~~~5.IND 8192
 LIVE~~69.IND 4096
 LIVE~~72.IND 8192
 LIVE~~75.IND 8224
 LIVE~~78.IND 1024
 LIVE~~82.IND 65536
 LIVE~~85.IND 969
 LIVE~1.DIR 65536
 STORE.DB 118784
 STOR~1.DB 118784
 REVERS~1 65536
 TMPSPO~1.STA 4096
 JOURNA~1.1 0
 STORE_~1 4
 REVERS~1.SHA 3136
 ~1.SHA 4096
 PERMST~1 553
 0DIREC~1.SHA 1088
 ~~~~~171.SHA 2
 LIVE~1.SHA 4096
 LIVE~~2.SHA 0
 LIVE~~~3.SHA 0
 LIVE~~~4.SHA 65536
 LIVE~~~5.SHA 8
 LIVE~191.SHA 2056
 LIVE0D~1.SHA 1088
 LIVE~199.SHA 1
 STOR~1.UPD 12
 TMPSPO~1.LOC 3984
 VOLUME~1.PLI 4011
 FSEVEN~1 36
 FC0076~1 105
 FC0076~2 75
Playing track 001
i only want to set up a Mp3 trigger via capacitive touch and this shield is just challenging me.

thanks in advance

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