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Hello everyone,

after not using my Arduino for a while, I started doing the project 01 again. The push button is having a strange behavior that I am not able to understand. As far as I can remember, this wasn't happening the first time I did this project.

When I try to build the very first circuit, the push button isn't closing it:

However, if I substitute the push button with a wire in exactly the same pins, in order to discard a problem with the breadboard, it works:

Now to check the push button I just connected it elsewhere in the breadboard... and it also works!

Please help me to figure out what is going wrong here! Why isn't it working on the first case?


Can you try to flip the switch by 180 degrees and try again.
If it works then one side of your switch might have got damaged.


Hi sh_aks,

thanks a lot for your response, you get my first karma point in this forum.

I tried what you said, but it still isn't working. If I add some male connectors or wires and then connect the switch it works, so I guess the switch has problems to connect in the breadboard in that position.


Try something else on the same location to see if that location of the breadboard is functional or bad.

Can also try a few other switches from the box.



ok, I tried that. The other switches aren't also working... but a wire substituting the switch does work (look at my first post's picture)


Take a pair of pliers and straighten those switch pins, take the kinks out of them and they'll go further into the breadboard.
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Has anyone found another solution to this problem? The other methods do not work for me.

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