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DO NOT connect directly your speaker to the DAC pin.
Please, read and follow the following updated tutorial.




C:\ADK2012_IDE_0/hardware/tools/adk2tool.exe COM3 erase
C:\ADK2012_IDE_0/hardware/tools/bossac.exe --port=COM3 -w -b C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\build5785210613214747736.tmp/Arduino_Terminal_App_Sample.cpp.bin
No device found on COM3
C:\ADK2012_IDE_0/hardware/tools/adk2tool.exe COM3 reset

Guys, I'm trying to use a MEGA ADK and I arrived at the same point: troubles  in  detecting the MEGA on the COM. Any suggestions?




@newhobby, connecting the MEGA ADK using  native usb, windows doesn't see anything on the usb. Is there any driver to install to make the pc see the port?


I think you are in the wrong thread.
This is for a Due board and not Mega.
Also, maybe you ought to start with blink code before you start trying to use Goodle ADK stuff.


I'm sorry but i didn't found any mega adk thread. If you know where is it, would you be so kind to tell me? No problem with adk 2011 so far, but as i read through the forums adk 2012 is not so immediate.



i'm trying to use a Due with a Nexus4 phone. I've compiled an loaded the sample successfully (thanks to your code modifications tips  :)), but when i plug the Due on the Phone, the phone battery charge status start to blink, and i get a repeated "disconnected" message in the arduino serial console. (the phone detect an adk accessory sometimes, somtimes not...)
I use a USB-A female <-> micro-B male on the phone side (not referenced as OTG), is it a problem ?

Another question, has anyone tested a blutooth shield on the Due ? and the ADK2-over-BT feature ?




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Have you tried using an external power source? I was fighting trying to get this to work with my Galaxy S4,  had no luck til I plugged in a wall wart.

I am using an OTG adapter though...


Yes, i've tried this weekend with a power supply and it's now working perfectly :D


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Hi all,

I've tried this example and it worked:  http://arduino-er.blogspot.com.br/2013/04/arduino-due-android-adk-change-led.html?view=classic
Is this example use "ADK 2012"?

Just another question, someone know what's the advantage to use processing (http://stream.tellart.com/controlling-arduino-with-android/)
Someone built the communication of Arduino due + Android app developed with processing?

Thank you.


Processing + Eclipse + Android + Arduino Due (USB and adk.h)

The video example working: http://goo.gl/FGmYLe

based on example: http://android-er.blogspot.com.br/2013/03/adk-example-control-arduino-due-led.html

Phone: 4.1.2 GT-S6812B



And add an ifdef on the USBCore.cpp to disable the CDC code.

Code: [Select]

#ifdef USBCON

Original USBCore.cpp code goes inside the ifdef. I can't add or the post is too long and exceeds the maximum allowed length of forum, which is 9500 characters.

#endif // USBCON

Hello and thanks to everybody in this thread now i'm able to upload a working sketch to my arduino that can communicates with my android mobile phone. I have one question about programming arduino DUE. Until now i was able to upload working sketch only with native port. i read that there is a solution to use the programming port and the native port. I unaderstand almost everything escept the part tha i quoted. Anybody can explain me this part?

Thanks in advance.


Hi everyone!
Thank you to everyone in this thread. Special thanks to ardroid.
I have finally made arduino due usb audio work.
I would like to make BT audio work too. Has anyone here succeeded on it?
Google's adk2012 was using custom ckt and stack with TI cc2564. It's not available in the country I'm in and it's also smd which is difficult for me to solder some pins into.
I tried using HC-06 but it only supports serial communication.
If you were able to succeed BT audio, could you share what BT module or chip you used and some code maybe?

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