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Hi, I have a Uno shield with an SD card and a GPS. I want to run this with a Nano but need to find the pins that are in use by the shield. It looks the same as this.

This looks to be the schematic for it, but not sure how to find all the pins in use.

The board is painted on both side so it is hard to follow tracks but the underneath side looks to have a trace to D10 and the top side to D11,12,13. But, I can't find those mentioned on the schematic so they may not be connected.

I can't find anyone involved with the actual board to contact regarding the pins.

Thoughts? Help?

I don't suppose there is a nano-shield adapter that can use Uno shields?



Thanks, after posting, I found something very similar but was looking at a prototype shield I have and it may just work by putting the Nano on, then the Uno on top.

I'll report back f I have success. No report, no success. :)

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