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The WAV format is the same data, regardless of the number of bits in your processor's registers and data path.

Of course the most efficient way to design a program varies somewhat for different processors.  But the underlying algorithm is the same, because the data is the same.

Everyone has their own programming approach and style.  But for most people, focusing on getting things to work first, with only an overall strategy to later optimize tends to be much more successful than obsessing about low-level optimization details before anything is working.  Intense focus on optimization first sometimes works out for relatively simple programs, but as complexity increases, it gets progressively harder.

However you approach your WAV player, I hope it works out well in the end.


Hi everyone

Thanks a lot for all of them for your valuable suggestions.I got enough knowledge on decoding the WAV format file to audio.Soon I'll develop my own program based on paul's wav algorithm.(simplified program).

Very Thanks for all of your contribution. :D

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