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Hi, I am having a problem with using toneAC along with the standard SD+Ethernet shield on an atmega 2560.  I think the problem is a pin conflict on 11&12 which is used by both toneAC and the Arduino SD library.  In an script, if I generate a tone using toneAC then I can no longer access the SD card in the same script without resetting the atmega‚Ķ sd card works fine as long as I don't generate a tone.  Does anyone have any ideas about how I could fix this?  I took a look at the toneAC source but I don't know how to change the pins that it requires..  Yet I need to use both toneAC.h and SD.h.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  digitalWrite(SD_SELECT, HIGH); // disable SD card
  const char *filename = "test.txt";

  // Serial.println("Initializing SD Card...");
  if (!SD.begin(SD_SELECT))
    while (1)
      Serial.println("SD.begin() failed");


Thank you!

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