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Hello, I'm making a proyect when i need to send two strings to php. I've read about this, then I checked that Arduino Yun doesn't work with Ethernet.h, and it needs Process.h and bridge.begin(), for connect the Atmega with Linino.

I want send the strings, but my keypad 4x4 is hang. Any idea to solve this?

Without Bridge.begin() the sketch works perfectly, but cant send the strings, please help

Sorry my bad english


Legacy: it's impossible to tell what's going on from your limited description. Please provide more detail on what you're trying to do, including posting your full sketch, as well as hardware details: what kind of keypad you're using and exactly how it is connected. Details are important: for example, if you are using pins 0 or 1 as part of your I/O connections, that will prevent the bridge from working.

mechatronicsengr: it's curious that you're having the exact same problem as half a dozen other people, all at the same time, even though those people have different problems: Bridge.begin() doesn't return, your keypad doesn't work, you have IDE problems, etc. Please don't spam the forum by posting the same issue all over the place. It wastes our time, and makes it less likely for us to help someone who appears to be rude and selfish. Your case sounds different enough from all of those other threads that I think you should start a new thread. In that thread, please provide details: include your sketch, your exact hardware connections, what you are expecting to happen, what's actually happening, and what you've tried so far to resolve it.


Hello, thank you for answer my question. My proyect is a weight dispositive for trucks, it receive an analog signal at A5 port and show the weight at LCD screen.

The objetive of this proyect is send two weight numbers to MySQL database.

Yes, I'm using 0 an 1 digital ports, I'll move 0 and 1 to analog free ports for testing. Later i'll coment again this thread. Right now, all digital ports are full, 8 to 13 with an LCD 16x2, 0 to 8 my Keypad and analog port A5 for signal in.

My sketch is attached  :)


As ShapeShifter mentioned, Bridge uses pins 1 and 0 for communication with the sketch.
If the keypad is holding one of those lines low/high, then the bridge will almost certainly hang.

Probably unrelated, but my usual startup sequence is:
Code: [Select]
void setup()

Later on, you may find that this doesn't work
Code: [Select]
//Método para enviar Strings a la base de Datos (Send Strings to database method)
void enviarDatos()
    Process p;
    p.addParameter(String (peso1)); //Enviar Peso a Web
    p.addParameter(String (cargatotal)); //Peso de camión a Web

You may need to call your php interpreter using begin and then add the file as a parameter.
A typical php process looks like this for me:
Code: [Select]
Process query; //this sends information on stations 1 and 2 to the db
  query.addParameter(String(timestamps[0]));  //insert timestamp for these readings
  query.addParameter(String(readings[0]));  //insert reading from station 1

(I push data into MySQL using php too. I have php-cli installed as my interpreter)

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