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OK, I just finished up a project I was working on, so if you still need help, PM me and I'll send you my email.
Electronics and firmware/software design and assistance. No project too small


Hi Lloyd, I worked for 20+ years in a small molecule pilot plant for a large pharma located in Indianapolis. I worked to place sensors in situ to monitor processes and distillations were always a favorite operation that I enjoyed to optimize. I would enjoy the challenge of a collaboration. I have worked on Arduino projects since the beginnings. I am familiar with both sides of what you need both the operation and the automation.

Send me an email at tyhuffman@mac.com


I and I believe many others are interrested in this automatic distilating process with arduino,
could it be possible to explain here the progress of the scketch. which are made for Lioyd

I found one similair on 




it's in dutch but the sketch is there for arduino


I've been working on a similar project and am curious if anyone has made headway with the atmospheric compensation for the dewpoint measurement in order to get a more accurate value for the distillate mixture ratio.

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