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Just want to let the forum know that I clicked on the Industrino web site from their link on this web site and now I have absolutely no access to MSN.com. I have restarted all of my computers and rebooted my modem/router with zero results. The only thing that now shows up where the MSN home page used to be is a long sentence with a part A, B, C, and a time/date stamp at the end. Also went into tools - Internet Options - to make sure that MSN.com was still intact. Removed and reinstalled that line in tools with the same results. JUST WANT TO LET FORUM MEMBERS KNOW !!


Can not confirm that. With Chrome (win7/64) I still can access MSN.com afterwards.

Have you tried to remove cookies?
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Yeah, tried the cookies thing too !! I was able to get MSN working again on my laptop running WIN7/64, but on my desktop where the problem originated, MSN still will not come up. It also is a WIN7/64 computer. I have completely removed MSN from the desktop computer and everything else seems to be normal now. BTW, on the laptop, MSN can no longer be my homepage, so now I have yahoo as my homepage. Thanks for the reply. Tom


No such problem here, using Win10 and IE11.

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